Since the settlement of the German emigrants their baptisms, marriages and registers of death have been recorded in the church registers of Old-Pasua 1791 - 1805, in New-Pasua 1806 - 1905 and in New-Banovci 1905 - 1944.

At the moment the church registers of Old-Pasua are not to be looked at. Copies of them can partly be received at the foundation New-Pasua ( in Reutlingen. The church registers of New Pasua have been filmed completely and can be looked at in the archives of the Protestants in Stuttgart or at the Akdff in Sindelfingen.The church registers of New Banovci are supposed to be destroyed during the years of war. The family register, started by the parish priest Mr. Renz during the times of war, and have been rescued by his wife, are now in the possession of Mrs. Bernauer in Friedrichshafen.

The family register compromises all persons, who lived in New-Banovci, as well as their descendants and their partners related by marriage. It would be great, if everybody who feels affiliated to this circle, could contribute to complete this register and to make it available to all interested persons.

Above all it would be great, if the lost church registers of New-Banovci could be reconstructed at this suggestion.

As for the protection of the dates the announcement of private dates is limited:
  1. Names of living persons will be only announced.
  2. Dates of deceased persons can be announced completely, provided that they died at least 1 years ago.
  3. Persons whose dates of death are unknown, can be looked as to be deceased, if they would be older than 100 years.